Games, Podcasts, and Videos List


Heavy Rain by Quantic Dream

Virginia by Carlos Aguilar

Oxenfree by Night School Studio

Firewatch by Campo Santo


Radio Replay: The Mind of the Village (Link) by Hidden Brain

How Humans Use “Strategic Ignorance” When Facts Get in the Way (Link) by Hidden Brain

Romeo & Juliet in Kigali: How a Soap Opera Sought to Change Behavior in Rwanda (Link) by Hidden Brain


Storytelling Tools to Boost Your Indie Game’s Narrative and Gameplay (Link) by Mata Haggis

Building Game Mechanics to Elevate Narrative in Oxenfree (Link) by Sean Krankel

The Lives of Others: How NPCs Can Increase Player Empathy (Link) by CJ Kershner

Creating Great Protagonists (Link) by Emily Short

Danger of a Single Story (Link) by Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie

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