Advisor Meeting: Keith

Keith and I met up to discuss version 2 of my learning problem statements. First, he encouraged me to get into contact with people at the Stanford Prison Education Project (SPEP). SPEP is a program that provides educational services between Stanford graduate students and incarcerated individuals. They connect Stanford and San Francisco County Jail #5 in San Bruno. He suggested SPEP may be a good opportunity to get experience working with prisoners (a different route than IRB). He also advised I read more about implicit biases and investigate the theory of perspective taking. I shared with him that I found most of the education classes at Stanford focused on education for children. In regards to this point, he suggested I spend some time identifying the learning theories that extend from children to adults.

We also spent some time discussing learning problem 2 which involves police and their communities. Keith shared that he has had relevant experience, in an overseas context, working with security forces and their communities. He discussed how mistrust in the community tends to breed if the ethnicity of those in positions of power differ from those being patrolled. I plan to dig deeper into how differences in race affect inter-personal dynamics and perception of power.

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