Advisor Meeting: Karin

After my initial meeting with Karin, we reviewed my proposed study list for the year and discussed how the program has been thus far. From our discussion, I gleaned two key insights for the rest of the year. First, she recommended learning from experts who work directly with my target populations, such as those who have been recently incarcerated or those who are poor. Conversations with these experts will help me to understand the ecosystem better. They will also be more accessible for interviews. Secondly, she recommended I balance courses with meeting people, including attending office hours or grabbing coffee for chats. She advised me to treat it as its own “class” to give these meetings priority for this year. Over the last two weeks, I’ve worked on connecting with more people and attending brown bag lunch sessions. These out-of-classroom conversations have been really illuminating. As I construct my final study list, I plan to reassess the balance of my courses to allow for more room to meet with people.

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